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Youth Care Worker

Presbyterian Childrens Homes and Services
Columbia MO
Job Type: Full Time
Posting Date: 8/27/2020

Serve as a member of the treatment team for each assigned child, and consult with other team members as needed/requested to ensure that treatment planning goals are being met. Facilitates, in large measure, the socialization and daily living treatment objectives for each child, while at the same time ensuring the proper care, supervision and safety of each assigned child. Provides support and back-up to other Child Care staff as needed/requested.

Core Responsibilities

Complete personal possession inventory on all residents at time of admission and update routinely until time of discharge.

Review background information on all new assigned residents.

Set up and maintain living unit files, medication records, individual logs and crisis files.

Participate in the development of the initial treatment plan by helping to identify significant treatment issues and suggesting treatment interventions appropriate to the daily living environment.

Participate in the development of the Master Treatment Plan, as requested.

Implement the socialization and daily living treatment objectives for each resident.

Attend and participate in scheduled resident staffings, as requested.

Participate in weekly treatment team meetings.

Participate in scheduled supervisory meetings.

Supervise and provide structure/guidance for residents at all times.

Teach pro-social communication skills; daily living skills; anger management and conflict resolution skills; decision making skills.

Provide verbal feedback to residents regarding skill growth.

Dispense medication as prescribed after completing the Medication Technician Certification class. Maintain accurate medication records.

Assess resident illnesses and injuries. Arrange for seriously ill or injured residents to be seen by the nurse and/or medical provider.

Assess each resident's clothing needs. Assist in the purchase of new clothing, and monitor each resident's appearance daily for compliance with agency standards.

Implement daily/weekly recreational activities.

Prepare or assist in the preparation of meals as needed.

Provide transportation for residents to school, appointments, jobs, etc., as needed.

Supervise residents throughout the day/night. Complete bed checks as outlined by agency guidelines.

Purchase food/household supplies, as needed, or complete necessary requisition forms for such items following agency guidelines.

Maintain required food records on a daily basis.

Conduct daily health/safety inspections of the living unit. Report needed vehicle/equipment/living unit repairs to maintenance and/or supervisor immediately.

Conduct monthly fire, tornado and earthquake drills. Maintain a written record of all disaster drills and provide copy to proper supervisor.

Keep possession of assigned keys at all times. Be aware of, and report any circumstances which might compromise the safety and security of any resident(s).

Write a chronological summary of living unit activities on a daily basis, and write a brief summary of each resident's behavior, attitude, and activities on a daily basis.

Maintain a proper accounting of all resident and living unit funds.

Assist with risk management and quality improvement activities related to youth care/treatment and the daily living environment.

Support and promote educational excellence for children in care.

Demonstrate effective collaboration across departmental lines.

Other duties as assigned.

Minimum of High School Diploma or GED; human service college courses, Associates Degree or Bachelor's Degree preferred. Upon employment, must pursue continuing education and/or in-service training required for this position.


Must be at least age 21; prior child care experience preferred.


Ability to develop and maintain therapeutic relationships with children displaying behavioral and emotional problems; an ability to maintain an appropriate balance between being authoritative and supportive; an ability to not take children's negative comments or behaviors personally; and must be able to make sound decisions in crisis situations and under pressure. Personal maturity is an extremely important attribute. Must be able to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Residents only.

Equipment to be Used

Must be able to drive a van and/or automobile safely, both day and night. Must be able to use a telephone and computer.

Typical Physical Demands

Requires prolonged standing and walking; bending and reaching, and a great deal of stamina to work long hours under often pressure situations. May require lifting up to 50 pounds. May require participation in the safe physical containment of an out-of-control resident engaged in self-harming or physically aggressive behavior toward others. Persons in this position should possess and maintain good physical strength and body flexibility.

Typical Mental Demands

Must be able to resolve problems, handle conflict and make effective decisions under pressure, Must be willing to interact positively with children displaying inappropriate behaviors and having angry/ hostile outbursts. Must be able to interact with residents and other staff from various ethnic groups in a culturally competent and professional manner.

Other Requirements

Persons in this position must:

Hold a valid driver's license, have and maintain a risk-free driving record.

Undergo initial and periodic child abuse/neglect, criminal history, sexual offender, and child care/elder care disqualification list screenings as conducted by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services utilizing the Family Care Safety Registry.

Submit fingerprints for review by the Missouri Highway Patrol and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Undergo a pre-employment drug screen and a pre-employment physical with the results showing no evidence of communicable disease.

Be trained and certified, and re-certified as scheduled, in American Red Cross First Aid and CPR.

Be trained in the use of an (automated external defibrillator) AED.

Be trained and re-trained, as scheduled, and demonstrate approved competencies in SAMA (verbal de-escalation and physical safe containment course).

Be trained and certified, and re-certified as scheduled, in the Missouri Coalition of Children's Agencies approved medication administration course.

Working Conditions

Works in a "home-like" cottage/house setting or an intensive service residential treatment unit.

Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services is a faith-based Christian organization. We provide Christ-centered care and support to children and families in need. We strive to serve like Jesus. We meet our clients where they are and treat them with respect. We focus on our clients' strengths rather than their problems. And we encourage our clients to focus on their future rather than their past. When we do this well, we help our clients find hope and know the love of God.PM20